An Interview with Dr. Nithya Sridharan

Dr. Nithya Sridharan
Who or what inspired you to embark on your own journey in the world of arts?
I am a practicing Medical Oncologist, and I go through the stress of seeing people suffer every day due to the wrath of cancer. I took up the practice of art at a near stress breakpoint, just to make sure that I sail through without getting affected too much. It started with an acrylic knife painting workshop and ever since it has progressed from a stress buster to a hobby to another career for me. The move paid off well. 
Have you studied arts or obtained formal training in it?
I am not a formally trained artist. I took a basic art course from a renowned art institute in Madras when I was five years old, way back in 1987. They used to send weekly lessons by post and I had to send my practice sheets back to them for correction. Throughout school I had some kind of practice, although I lost touch during my medical college days. At present, I have started learning again through regular classes and workshops.
Describe your art style.
I see art as a disciplined and meditative process, rather than a hobby. I like exploring different media, and like to achieve reasonable mastery over a particular medium before I move on to the next medium. Freestyle doodling is my area of interest and I practice it every single day. It helps to achieve fluency with the sketches and the paintings 
For how many years have you practiced your art, and have you had to overcome any hurdles on the way?
I am into arts for the last two years now. There have never been any notable hurdles, although I have gone many days without painting anything, probably due to the commitment to my profession
What memorable responses have you had to your work?  
I made a series of sketches of the heritage buildings in Chennai, for an anthology, on the occasion of Madras Day, 2019. It was a challenging, yet exciting task, going around the city and making the pen and ink sketches. It was well appreciated by viewers and was very encouraging.
What do you aim to achieve in the future? 
A painting a day, with a different medium each day is my long term goal. 
Is there any specific area you now wish to explore?
Indian traditional and folk art is one of the most brilliant forms of art. I am now planning to try a series of paintings based in Indian art forms.
What would you advise youngsters inclined towards the arts?
Although creativity rules the stage, focus, and discipline are important for developing art as a career or a hobby. It should become a habit, even if it is only ten minutes each day.
                                                                                    Dr. Nithya Sridharan’s Artworks