An Ideal  Resort for Holidaying

Mahabhaleshwar is an ideal holiday resort for those who love the serene beauty of nature, chilly climate and fun, especially in the hot season. After Diwali, we also made a trip to the so-called resort. While going, we just wanted to peep into the premises of Lonere Engineering College near Mahad and we took some photographs from there. As we were going higher and higher, it was enchanting to see the calm Savithri river flowing down.

When we reached Mahabhaleshwar, we pulled out shawls and sweaters from the bag and covered ourselves. We were thrilled at experiencing the chilly climate. The land was fully covered with greenery. The monkeys surrounded us and ate fruits and ice creams. In the evening, we went boating at Venna Lake. We watched the sunset while boating. After a few minutes, we saw the Hanuman temple on the edge of the lake. Then we moved to the site of fun fare, nearby. Videogames and lucky draw games were irresistible. When two men walk on the top of the giant wheel, it rotates and it is worthwhile to watch.

Next day, we drove to Panchgani tableland, a frequent film shooting site. Those who cannot walk there, can hire tongas. We took a tonga ride. The tonga rider explained the five units that exist there. There is an old theatre in the valley. We saw the tonga riders piercing nails on the hooves of the horses which was painful to watch. We walked down to the cave restaurant where refreshing drinks were served. With a lighted candle, we could walk down through the cave.

Next we visited MAPRO farm. We wanted to walk through strawberry farms but we could see only flower plant nursery and strawberry seedlings there. We bought preserved strawberries, crushes, jams and so on from the factory. We watched the process of making strawberry crush, jam, etc. Before filling jams and squash, an elaborate process of cleaning the bottles was done. Then started the sealing and  labelling. We had refreshing drinks and rested for a while. Then we walked to the points like window point, echo point, hunting point, etc. We did some shopping. Slippers, kurta’ and some decorative pieces were quite attractive.

We also visited Lord Shankar temple and Krishna temple of Pancha Ganga where the rivers’ positions are marked. The priest told us that once in sixty years, water flows down through these positions for some time, which is very auspicious. Now, in April–May, it’s hot season. After the exam, vacation starts for most of the students. Why don’t you pack up your bags for a short holiday trip without incurring much expense?

Anandavalli Chandran   

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