An excursion to the past: A poem by Gitika Verma


My time machine whirled and stuttered
As I left the gloomy today behind
All set to re-experience the joys of yesterday
I took an excursion to the pre-Covid times!

Leisurely I stroll down the busy market lane sans mask
The luscious aroma of the street food tickles my nostrils
As I savour the tasty delights in the open
Even the chatter of people and honks of vehicles sound music to me!

I enjoy the camaraderie of my best pals
Exchanging handshakes, hugs and kisses, we maintain no physical distance
Whether it’s watching movies, parties or night-outs
We celebrate togetherness, overflowing with exuberance!

The vibrant rainbow, the melodious chirruping of birds intrigue me
The crisp breeze brings ambrosial scent of blooming flowers
Walking carefree under the azure sky without any fear of contagion
I bask in the sublime beauty of luxuriant nature!

As I land back in the pandemic stricken world, claustrophobia grips me again
A visit to the past has filled me with guilt and penitence
Having taken for granted the simple pleasures of life gifted to us
Aren’t we humans now being punished for our selfish attitudes and negligence?