An Endless Odyssey


Effervescently, I keep flowing

For me, togetherness is a journey

Pebbles, blossoms, lusty trout and grayling

I take them all what I see sailing

Upon my surface without wailing


I don’t grudge, complain or whine

Syncing with each I glide, slip and slide

Under the glimmer of moon and stars

In the wintry nights too, I stop not

Braving the sunshine in the summer noon

From morn till dusk I flow incessantly


I watch the cherry blossoms bloom

I see the cactus, weeds and brambles withering

I come across the valleys, hills and towns

I meet the sultry Sun’s heat, profound

Still I slip, steal and slide


Sometimes gaily, sometimes clamorous

I keep moving, babbling always

I curve, I twist, I move all around

My destination is eternity

Beyond posterity and powerful time

I seek constant flow unrelenting


Seema Sharma

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