ALS Women’s Alliance Conclave 2022


The ALS Women’s Alliance (An initiative of ALSphere Foundation) organized ALS WOMEN’S CONCLAVE 2022 at RADISSON Hotel, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon on 17th September 2022. The celebration started with a lamp lighting ceremony followed by a welcome note.

In this conclave, three panel discussions were organized. The first panel discussion on “Empowering Women Entrepreneurs” was moderated by Ms. Vandana Bhasin. Panelists were Ms. Meenakshi Natarajan (Politician), Mr. Amarendra Khatua (Ambassador), and Ms. Sangeeta Bahadur (Ambassador). The second panel discussion on “Perspectives on Women’s Creative Space” was moderated by Dr. Bishakha Sarma. Ms. Malavika Joshi (Theater Person & Choreographer), Vusat Iqbal Khan (Vocalist), and Rosy Ahluwalia (Fashion Designer) were the panelists of this discussion. The third panel discussion on “Women Entrepreneurship” was moderated by Ms. Ramniet S Mukherjee with Mr. Saurabh Saxena (SimplyHR), Mr. Rajneesh Singh (SimplyHR), and Ms. Vandana Saxena (Freelancing Expert) as panelists.

It was followed by a dance performance by young dancer Amritvarsha Barua and recitations by Ms. Anita Chand (story), and poetry by Prof. Dr. Milon Franz, Ms. Komal Gupta, Ms. Mousumee Barua, and Ms. Neeti Parti. Mr. Ankur Bansal and Ms. Pooja Sharma of PMC group, Ms. Mamta Kumari from Careaholic, and Ms. Shivpriya (Director, ALSphere foundation) graced the occasion with their august presence.

The highlight of the ALS WOMEN’S CONCLAVE 2022 was the felicitation of the ALSWA Awards 2022. The award category and recipients were: ALSWA Author of the Year Award-2022: Mandira Ghosh, ALSWA Poet of the Year Award-2022: Aparna Suresh, Prof. Dr. Milon Franz, Dr. Minal, Mahua Sen, ALSWA Education Icon of the Year Award-2022: Neeti Parti, Vandana Saxena, Prof. Dr. Milon Franz, ALSWA Performing Arts Icon of the Year Award-2022: Poonam Kanwal, Nimisha Ladia, ALSWA Art Icon (Art/sculpture) of the Year Award-2022: Payal Agarwal, Deepali Gupta, ALSWA Community Service Icon of the Year Award-2022: Ramniet S Mukherjee, ALSWA Wellness Icon of the Year Award-2022: Malathi Vivek, ALSWA Women Entrepreneur Year Award-2022: Pooja Sharma, ALSWA Healthcare Professional of the Year Award-2022: Dr. Shweta Mathur Lall, Dr. Gitika Verma, and Dr. Sujata Chatterjee.

The program was moderated by Ms. Vandana Bhasin, Dr. Bishakha Sarma, and Ms. Anita Chand. The event ended with the felicitation of delegates and a vote of thanks.

At ALS WOMEN’S CONCLAVE 2022, many shining stars in the world of art, literature, business, and healthcare congregated to share their ideas and creative talents, in enthusiastic support of ALS and its initiatives.

ALS Women’s Alliance founded by Manoj Krishnan is a comfortable nook for women to share their experiences, happiness, career aspirations or anything that matters to them or that can help other women. This networking and support group also aims to encourage women to engage in community activities and help them in their personal and professional advancement.