All Roads Lead Back to You: A Poem by Azucena Libiran Gonzales

There are times when the roads are straight or winding
Sometimes there are ups and downs, potholes along the way
You’re always confused but hold still and keep on traveling
There’s always a new path if something goes badly today.
All of life’s pathways lead to the same destination
Various ways to achieve a goal and arrive at a decision
It takes sheer perseverance to get where you wish to go
Though it might take a while, but all roads lead back to you.
There’ll be time when you mislead, walk down the street “Failure”
Push through; in the nearby place is the lane “Confidence”
Trust yourself; move in the adjacent site, the highway “Bravery”
Hope for a positive outcome; get through it steadfastly.
All roads lead back to you who stand upon stones of complications
Who know how to make stepping stones out of stumbling stones
After the roads you’ve already journeyed, keep moving in the close alley
At the end of the avenue, catch sight of the banner “Victory”.