Abandoned: A poem by Nisha Tandon

Forsaken in love and left broken hearted
She surrendered and left everything to fate
Managing to survive every beguiling promise
To her that he had fraudulently made

She was loathed and she was despised
And lived in circumstances that were unfortunate
Against the wishes of her parents she had gone
And now repented a relation that was illegitimate

A child was born to her out of wedlock
She decided to end her life to relinquish the shame
On an inclement night she left him abandoned
At the doorstep of an undisclosed orphanage

As she walked away tears welled up in her eyes
And her heart almost sank as motherly instincts took shape
Only once more if she looked back she knew
She would hold him close in a tearful embrace

Gathering courage and with firm determination
Her faltering steps she managed to retrace
Lifting her little baby hysterically in her arms

She deliberated to live with pride for his sake