A thunder of revenge: A poem by Gitika Verma

O’ Humans! Aren’t you ashamed?
Your ignorance, greedy lust, and evil hopes
Has left the Mother Earth bruised and maimed
Global warming is a curse, so are the weapons of destruction
Forests disappear, the air is filled with smoke and death
Oceans are choked with waste and species face extinction!

How many cuts and incisions can the Earth take?
Seething with rage she has now unleashed a vicious thunderstorm
That has put the human lives at stake!
The thunder echoes deep, bellowing at the mankind so insane
Pushing the world into the throes of a pandemic
It is nothing but the sound of the earth’s anger masking her pain!

Humans fall dead, silent and powerless, their pride stands emasculated
An awakening call for mankind, the thunder reminds them to be humble
Driving them into their homes, it renders them helpless and dejected
Dark ominous clouds that float above are here to stay
Danger and death lurk everywhere as thunder roars unabated
Isn’t Mother Earth seeking revenge in ruthless ways?

O’ Humans! Mend your ways, this too shall pass and things will be fine
For after every thunderstorm, gleams a vibrant rainbow and the golden sunshine!