A Step or Two!

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”– Vincent Van Gogh

Growth is a choice. The secret to carry it through is the willingness to turn the blank pages of life’s scrapbook into the most beautiful artwork – an artwork of your choice. The volition to choose a hue from the myriad of dreams, and paint it on the canvas of life is the first step in leaving that indelible imprint you have or haven’t even dreamt of.

It takes courage

To keep faith


To traverse a road

No matter the 

Blurred view

Every step ahead is a learning, for this road can be a ‘road not taken’. The dos, the don’ts, the ifs, and the buts all culminate into making you better with each passing day. These harsher lanes will give you a pellucid view of your inner strength and the wherewithal to act.

It isn’t only about beginning something new. To start over again after a shortfall has immense possibilities to help you bloom. I do know pep talks do not work when you have kept all your eggs in one basket and do not have a Plan B. In fact, I don’t believe in having a plan B. There can be only one villain in your life at a given point of time. If you put your eggs (hard work) in different baskets (many big dreams at a time) you might end up being just a jack of all trades and master of none. But, what if the only basket you have falls down? Dream shatters into pieces umpteen. Heart’s edifice seems wrenched.

In every hour of dread so dire

Equanimously rekindle the fire

The only key is forbearance;

For when the night shall end

You’ll know dear friend

The lessons learnt have credence


Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future, and deciding to start afresh is believing in self-worth and trusting the process.

Take your time. Nothing in the universe can stop you from doing it, if you will to. The harder you invest in brooding over the broken eggs, the more you tend to overlook your prowess, or turn a blind eye to the doors that exist.

Make peace with your fears, or the past or the self-doubt for that matter. Stop fearing failure. Take risks. Plan it out. Make learning a habit. If you embrace the new beginning, are ready to learn, whether in your twenties, sixties or eighties – you won’t go through life, YOU WILL GROW THROUGH LIFE.

And those who resolved to take the course

Never looked back, no sorrow, no remorse

Their dream was the mirage, the one like life

Heartening them to struggle, to begin and survive.


Ankurita Khajanchi