A pair of blue eyes: A poem by Sheela S. Iyer

Heavenly deep blue eyes…
Met at the college entrance by chance
They looked at each other at one glance.
His eyes caught her deep blue eyes,
This very first meeting left him mesmerized.
Shining and dazzling like the stars in the sky
He saw paradise in those heavenly deep blue eyes.
Like an avid reader who gets lost in the book,
He was lost in her almond-shaped eyes when she looked.
She looked innocent with her eyeliner around the eyes 
Her beauty was beyond words just like the morning sunrise.
He kept gazing at her, but nothing he uttered
Reluctant to talk, least he should stutter.
Every morning their eyes met, but they remained quiet
As they marched ahead, he realized she was out of sight.  
Incidentally met again in the same class
His happiness knew no bounds, as he could see her at last.
Enthralled by her beauty, he gathered courage to propose
His heart skipped a beat, when she smiled and accepted the rose.
It was love-at-first-sight 

It turned to be love at every single sight.