A pair of blue eyes: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Under the lemon hued expanse of the  western skies
For the first time I delved deep into a pair of  blue eyes
Blue were they, like the autumn sky in the  distance
With the light of pain and  passion , at me, looking askance
Cerulean, as could be seen between the retreated moulding
Of hills and woody slopes on a sunny morning
She poured her whole soul out through those blue spray painted
As if waiting to be replenished after they were sadly muted
In them I saw also the  ruggedness of the  waves
Foaming up, breaking, forming again, they did rave
Staring at those aquamarines, sparkling, ravishing, enchanting and deep – I was mesmerized
Drowning in the  intensity of the  pools of  beauty- I was hypnotized
We have been together as soulmates for two decades now
I still dive into her gaze sitting under a bough
Of late, she has shades of grey, her cheeks have lost their hue
But her eyes, unchangeable, retaining the same beautiful blue
Whenever I gaze at these sapphire orbs, I melt in fascination and charm
Elixir of my soul, those crystallised blue depths, so warm !
Her eyes, the sublimation of her soul within, leal and true

My world of happiness, that placid pair of eyes so blue!