A man I knew

In darkness he lurks,

A man with an evil touch.

Punches, pushes, slaps, hits,

Leaving me bruised and clutching pain.

In the depths of despair,

Under clouded night skies,

His violence haunts my thoughts

And conscience dies.

Betrayed and beheaded,

Attacked with acidic words.

Burnt and beaten,

My spirit cracked and confused.

He is a rapist,

A vile abuser of trust.

A wife beater, a sadist’s lust,

Leaving my soul turned to dust.

Sexual harassment, his weapon of choice,

Inflicting pain with each twisted deed.

He gets pleasure from hurting others,

His sadistic desires feed.

Ram by face but Ravan by spirit,

Your wickedness knows no bounds.

Even Ravan found his end,

But you continue to make souls drown.

The shadow of his darkness looms

With every act of cruelty he unveils.

Everyday sadism in its true form

Inflicting suffering that never fails

Yes I knew a man who is!

A true Ravana in disguise,

And a Ram solely in name.

Razi Tahir ✍️