A Man I Knew: A Poem by Shashi Dhar Kumar 

His eyes always showed a timeless spark,
A spirit of persistence, whether it is light or dark.
With each sun’s first light, he got up,
He every days goes to the fields to check on them.
The legacy he left was not just in the field,
But in wisdom, in lessons of life.
A grandfather, in memory enshrined as wisdom pot,
In his village, his thoughts were still in the air.
When he sits with us around the fire in the cold,
Stars above our heads seem always to smile.
The tales of his youth, of work and of strife,
For me, he was only a man of wisdom on the earth.
He is gone, but his remembrance still lives there,
In the fields, he tended until dawn.
The love and stories that he shared,
He was the man beyond the world to be compared.