A Man I Knew: A Poem by Shailika Sinha

A man once I knew, he was so near,
Now a stranger, distant, unclear.
Life is truly changed
Hearts once close, are now estranged.

At the moon-lit sky, we endlessly stared
With blinking eyes, where dreams coincide
Counting the stars in the quietness of the night
Wrapped in the soft cuddles of the mist, oh, what a sight!

Did he get tired of the same old song,
Or did new paths lead him far and strong?
Reasons and answers I give to myself, aplenty
Life’s trials and burdens perhaps made us unsteady

Yet, in this distance, a truth may reside,
Change is the river where lives collide.
I’ll cherish the moments we once knew,
With hope that one day our love will renew.

For the man I once knew, though now a stranger,
Will forever remain in the heart’s secret chamber.