A Long Walk to Freedom: A Poem by Mousumee Baruah

I am a  rivulet …
From an unexplored hamlet
And beneath my gurgling glide
Lies a stretch of pebbles and rocks, sometimes hampers my spontaneous slide.
 I flow through many terrains and springy turfs
Sometimes smooth and sometimes rough
My core is festooned with lichens and only I can clean.
And sponge my parochial vision for a panoramic sheen.
I am the owner of my core.
The Key is with me to clean all the pores.
Long way to go, many miles to cover, and occasionally I have to bend
And clean murky mosses from becoming my master, I have to first befriend.
To conquer and flow steadily with continuous motion.
Till I reach my primordial ocean…
And become carefree   humming waves in  fathomless fair
And fly like maverick free spirit seagulls and terns in the limitless azure sphere.