A Letter to Freedom: A Poem by Staffy Bhateja (Steffi)

Dear Freedom,
Pining for your shiny eyes
And dewy lips
I have chased you in different dark lanes, following your footsteps vague
Though I was in chains from head-to-toe
Though I was often misled by the fear of sin
Though the priest and the emperor despised me for leaving to look out for your illusive presence
Though my kith and kin tried to hold me back, considering you a femme fatale


My zeal to win you over could not be stamped out
You continue to mesmerize me as ever
Mere anticipation of encountering you on a bright sunny morning seems enrapturing

The arduous toil may never cease
But, the chains can only tether my frame- not my spirit, not my desire!

Yours lovingly
Your devotee
A human being