A Day Without You: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Like the planet and the moon, as soulmates, we orbit  one another
Our time is spent basking in the love we show and share
I can’t imagine not being with you even for a day
So used to are we to live our life entwining each other every day
But today, as I woke up in the wee hours of the morn
Bidding me goodbye, leaving me forlorn, for the day you were gone
As I stand alone, dejection ‘n darkness descends upon me
Vacant ‘n void, so empty I feel, devoid  of all glee
A day without you seems to be a poem without any rhyme
As I spend my day in the loneliness of time
I ask myself how will I get through this day without you
My sky is now filled  up with shades of grey, no more blue
Why do hours stretch longer now that you are away
I miss your sonorous voice, and your hearty laughter,  miss you so much today
Can I help if my eyes water incongruously
It seems I’ve lost all sunshine there was  previously
In solitude, with endless time, I sit and ponder
I realize it’s the absence that makes the heart grow fonder
Now I’m holding on for the moment to sing our love songs  again together
Like the Maple and the Pine, to whisper to each other.