A Cosmic Affair: A Poem by Mousumee Baruah

After they met each other, they dump their ground.
Feet in the air,  stories of celestial affair in the sphere abound.
With dollops of creamy vanilla clouds they sail.
And when tar clouds like minnows make a series of trails.
Their heart billowed with ecstasy.
They become rain’s euphony.
Like a cupid’s arrow, when comets swoon
They shimmer with the clusters of stars and the moon.
And one day in the wee hours of twilight.
Crestfallen, dispiritedly descended, ending their vainglory flight.
Relationship bogged down by too many expectations, fatigued by mundane chores.
Now they dreaded to recount extraterrestrial yore.
As they discern the truth, one may live in the marquess sky.
But task and issues are similar like commoners,  earthy.
There is no universe, just empty barren space.
Mere mortals are hypnotized by mirages and mazes.
The stars and the moon is full of craters,
spaces full of black holes.
All figments of the imagination and all that glitters are not gold.
All about mind, there is no hell or heavenly mirth.

There is no better El Dorado to breathe romance and live other than our own sublime earth.