A Cosmic Affair: A Poem by Banani Sikdar

Where the cherubs tread, in sequinned gloss and glitter
The cosmos, a fascinating mystery for all, forever. 
The Sun, a perfect superstar, 
A pure celestial gift, an avatar. 
The giver of life and warmth, 
On our planet, our liveable, loveable Earth. 
The Moon, a silvery guest presence, 
The charm of night, its very essence. 
The clouds on high heels, sprawled out at the distance, 
Falls down as cascading bliss, with rhythmic resonance. 
When the stars shoot, we count on good luck, 
A fascinating sight with criss-cross ember sparks. 
The eclipses, solar, lunar are supreme cosmic events, 
Making stars visible on day, forming diamond rings on the firmament. 
Milky-way, true to its name is milky white all the way, 
Luminous discs are bricks layered curving the highest highway. 
Each phenomenon, marked, prolific cosmic affair, 
Hubbubs of science’ and art’s excellent funfair. 
Sublime experiences of grandiose entity, 
The more the count, the merrier is our identity.