6th ALS LITFEST 2024


The Asian Literary Society organized its 6th ALS LITFEST 2024 on 16th March 2024 at DELNET, New Delhi. The celebration started with a welcome address by Mr. Manoj Krishnan (Founder, Asian Literary Society) followed by a lamp-lighting ceremony and chanting. Guests of Honour – Dr. Amarendra Khatua (Former Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs), Mr. Kumar Vikram (Publishing Editor) Ms. Anita Chand (Administrator, ALS), Dr. Bishakha Sarma (Administrator, ALS), Ms. Kiren Babal (Ambassador, ALS), Ms. Vandana Bhasin (Editor, ALSphere Magazine) along with writers from Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, and Punjab graced the occasion with their august presence.

The highlight of the 6th ALS LITFEST was the felicitation of the winners of the Book and Women Awards 2024. The award categories and recipients were: Best Non-fiction Book (English) Winners – Magic of the Mind (Ravi Valluri), Ready Reckoner on Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplaces in India (Anupamaa Venugopal), Best Non-fiction Book (English) – Certificate of Excellence – From the Sidewalks of Life (Dr. Sonika Sethi), Best Debut Fiction Book (English)- Winner – Anatomy of a Half Truth (Purbasha Ghosh), Jewels From the Treasure Trove (Anamika Kundu), Best Debut Fiction Book (English) – Certificate of Excellence – Coming Home (Smitha Vishwanath), Best Debut Poetry Book (Hindi) – Winner – Ujaale Man Key (Dr. Nisha Wadhwa), Best Debut Poetry Book (Hindi) – Certificate of Excellence-Dil Ki Chidiya (Dr. Minal), Best Poetry Book (Hindi) – Winner – Dil Ki Duniya (Dr. Minal)Best Debut Poetry Book (English) – Certificate of Excellence – Ujaale Man Key (Dr. Nisha Wadhwa), Meel Ka Patthar (Archana Jain), Best Debut Poetry Book (English) – Winners – the Castaway (Mousumee Baruah), The Albatross Around My Neck (Dr. Sonika Sethi), Best Debut Poetry Book (English) – Certificate of Excellence- Mannequin of Our Times (Vandana Kumar), Emotions Unleashed (Latha Warrier), Seasons of Love (Dr. Mohan Kumar), Shadows and Sunshine (Manpreet Chadha), Mend My Broken Wings (Waheeda Hussain), Best Poetry Book (English) – Winner – Cosmic Vibes (Shristee Singh), Best Poetry Book (English)- Certificate of Excellence – Seasons of Love (Dr. Mohan Kumar), Mannequin of Our Times (Vandana Kumar), Indian Women Rising Star Award – Winner, Dr. Sonika Sethi (Literature), Jyothy Sreedhar (Literature), Swati Garg (Special Mention-literature), Indian Women Rising Star Award – Winners, Swati Garg (Performing Arts) Rakhi Kapoor (Literature), Ramya V (Literature), Indian Women Achievers Award- Winner – Dr. Balesh Jindal (Social Service), Sumita Bose (Literature), Dr. Minal (Literature), Indian Women Achievers Award – Certificate of Excellence, Vandana Kumar (Literature), Anamika Kundu (Literature), Archana Jain (Literature).

In 6th ALS LITFEST 2024, books by the writers of the ALS community were released. These included Maa Ke Honth, Wings of Hope, and The Adventures of Dots and Stripes. “Maa Ke Honth” by ‘Gul’ Rakesh is a beautiful compilation of his twenty years of literary journey that is woven around diverse human emotions. “The Adventures of Dots and Stripes” by Vyomi Malik is filled with heart-warming tales of friendship, problem-solving, learning about the world, and the beauty of embracing what makes us unique. “Wings of Hope” edited by Vandana Bhasin and Nisha Tandon, emphasizes the imperative need for empathy, compassion, and respect for the Special Needs families by reiterating the significance of initiatives for a more inclusive society.

Another highlight of the event was poetry readings by Manoj Krishnan, Rupali Saxena, Dr. Minal, Rajshree Rathore, Dr. Sukanya Patra, and Anita Chand.

The program was moderated by Dr. Bishakha Sarma. The event ended with the felicitation of writers and a vote of thanks.

In the 6th ALS LITFEST 2024, many erudite writers and scholars congregated to share their ideas and creative talents in enthusiastic support of ALS and its initiatives.