2nd ALS Art Exhibition 2023 at CSOI, New Delhi


The Asian Literary Society (ALS) – a popular community that promotes Asian art, culture, and literature, has organized a week-long art exhibition at the Art Gallery, Civil Services Officers’ Institute (CSOI), New Delhi, from 30th  January 2023 to 4th February 2023.

Twenty-six artists from all over India are participating in this exhibition, with a display of their paintings in various art styles.  The artists include Anita Chand, Kiren Babal, Vandana Bhasin, Manoj Krishnan, Poonam Chopra, Swati Srivastava, Sumbul Tabrez, Rakhi Poddar, Shilpi Srivastava, Dr. Renu Mishra, Prachi Rastogi, Payal Agarwal, Gaurisha Singh, P.D. Jonakii, Neeti Parti, Vasudha Arora, Dr. Latika Shah Singh, Priyanka Desai, Deepshikha Varma, Dr. Nisha Wadhwa, Amrita Wadhwa, Shivangi Sahu, Manisha Amol, Mousumee Baruah, Anita Malhotra, and Dr. Navya Gupta.

The exhibition was inaugurated on 29th January 2023 at the hands of Mr. Mukesh Kumar Singh (Guest of Honor& Ex-Indian Railway Officer & Professor-(National Institute Of Financial Management)) and Mr. Amarendra Khatua (Guest of Honor & Former Secretary, Ministry Of External Affairs -India) in the presence of Mr. Manoj Krishnan (Founder- Asian Literary Society). The participating artists were felicitated after the inauguration ceremony.

Many eminent artists and art aficionados will be attending the week-long exhibition. All the dignitaries and esteemed audience who attended the inauguration ceremony appreciated the Asian Literary Society’s this initiative to spread awareness about various Asian art forms and also to promote the exemplary artwork of talented artists.

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