100-Words Stories


Not What it Looks Like

He watched her from far; she sure was alone. But for how long, she was checking her phone often. From the far end of the station, his cronies kept a watch too.

There wasn’t much time for dawn, or for the day’s first metro to arrive. The now deserted station would bustle with thousand people. They had to make their move fast.

He signalled and they all closed in on her. Totally caught unawares, she tried dialling her phone, but they snatched and destroyed it before they bound her.

“Police Foils Suicide Bombing Attempt In Mumbai Metro.”  Morning news read. 

Preethi Warrier


The Idea

Aoife paced her chamber like a caged tiger. The CEO had wanted a catchy slogan for employee referral.

She looked out of the window and saw a bearded man on the street, tipping his hat. He winked at her. Giggling, she returned to her table and began to scribble aimlessly. Suddenly, she paused. Her eyes widened as words swam around her.

She sent an e-mail to the top management immediately.

“LAUNCH PEER” campaign was successfully initiated, wherein the employees could refer their friends for multiple vacancies.

Rearranged, the string of alphabets revealed the source of her inspiration – the mythical LEPRECHAUN.

Narayani V Manapadam

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