100 Word Story

The Blanket 

“It is unbearably cold outside, Saheb! Please give me an old torn blanket,” the beggar requested with folded hands.

“No, I don’t have an old one,” I said while giving a coin to him.

He went away. I noticed him spending night in the verandah of a nearby shop.

The town was facing severe cold that winter. At dinner time, TV news said, “This year total deaths in India due to cold wave has crossed one thousand numbers.”

With teary eyes, I took out a new blanket from wardrobe and walked towards that closed shop in the chilled dark night. 

Kishor Kumar Mishra


Cherished Memories

A solitary candle flickered in the dimly lit room, casting shadows on the timeworn walls. In it sat a weather-beaten man, holding a tattered photograph close to his heart. His weary eyes moistened as memories of his bitter-sweet days flashed before his eyes. It was the photo of his

lost love, a love that failed to defy time’s cruel grasp. Unhurriedly, he kissed the fragile paper and whispered, “Until we meet again.”

At that moment, the candle’s flame danced, illuminating the room with a gentle warmth. Perhaps to send a message that love endures even in the darkest of times.

Moumita Dutta


Those two pink lines, their sight, created a flutter in Mayank’s heart. It was indeed a MAYA to be able to see the same for him. He had proudly declared his transition and married as per his

choice. Despite all that, the Maya deep within Mayank longed for motherhood. With the support from the partner and doctors, Mayank undertook the pregnancy journey. Utmost care was taken to ensure that pregnancy was a smooth sail. Hearing the heartbeat, shopping for the new born as well as the mother, brought joy to the couple. Tears poured as they cradled their new born.

Kirti V

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