100 Word Story

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With only a red cotton shawl wrapped around her saree-clad figure, she sat on the footpath. The harsh Delhi winter spares none. But she was in no mood for such philosophical gems. The white plastic container lay before her, desolate. Occasionally, the sound of a coin tossed towards her made her look up, and she nodded her head in gratitude.

A scrawny dog curled up next to her. She looked at the stale bread and munched it, giving the fresh parantha to her canine companion.

Meanwhile, the world whizzed by, unfazed by the bond between a woman and a beast.

Narayani V Manapadam



 My next-door neighbour has been out of sight for the past two days. I, being her only acquaintance in this vigilant gated community, went to check on her. After getting no response to the doorbell twice, I peeped into the glass window that gave a lucid view of her well-furnished hall with exotic paintings adorning the peach-coloured walls. I rang the bell again and realised the door was open. As I tiptoed into the bedroom, I was appalled to see her bruised face. The teary-eyed newly-wed made me ponder how insecure women are behind the four walls they call home.

Leela Satyan


Doctor Natasha

 The gold medal that Natasha was to receive glittered on stage. Though, the glow was missing from her face. Two empty seats beside her made her heart heavy. Five years ago when she’d secured her seat at this prestigious medical college, her parents wanted her to give up on her dreams and settle down. She had refused to give up.

Today, she was called on stage to collect her medal. As she acknowledged the applause, she saw her teary eyed parents clapping for her from the back of the hall. That, for her, was bigger than the gold she received.

 Zeyd Ladha

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