100-Word Story


The Cotton Mask

It was our first meeting, mask-to-mask. His voice felt like dew set on the morning grass. I tried not to wilt under the searching gaze of his deep brown eyes.

‘Am I falling for him?’

I cautioned myself, ‘There is nothing common between us barring the cotton masks we wear. Our religions, culture, society– all different.’

One day, he pushed a note into my hand.

‘Religion is a mere covering that needs dusting like our cotton masks that require a daily wash. The person behind that mask is what matters.’

In a glance, we exchanged a million words of love.

Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan


Barbie Doll 

My 5-year-old niece was adoring her birthday gift, a Ballerina Barbie. I was amazed at her knowledge of all the existing barbie dolls. That took me down memory lane as I reminisced the first doll I ever held was a rubber doll. I had no clue what holding a barbie meant, until I held my daughter’s barbie, gifted on her sixth birthday.

At that moment, I reminisced my mother sharing once that she never had a doll as a kid.

Then it sank in that not every girl gets to hold a doll, and my eyes welled up in gratitude.

Leela Satyan

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