100-Word Stories

Persona Non Grata

After a harsh summer, it rained in the village.

Jeevan stood outside his hut, hands folded. His eyes looked upward, and his lips moved in an inaudible prayer. The raindrops cascaded down his bare and frail torso.

Far away, he spotted blurred silhouettes dancing in the rain. He wished he could join them in their revelry. But Jeevan couldn’t, for he was an untouchable. A pariah in his homeland!

He decided to count his blessings. That’s what people of his ilk resign themselves to. After all, he didn’t have to wade across the black waters anymore to quench his thirst.

Narayani V Manapadam

A Witty Banter

On a Spring morning, a little boy left a paper and pencil under an oak’s shade and went to play with his friends. Shortly after, the offspring engaged in a witty banter with their forefather.

“Don’t you wanna be like me, arty and useful?” asked Pencil.

“Transformation will open doors. You’ll be used for creative chores,” added Paper, flaunting his pride.

Their words couldn’t stir the Oak’s might. He retorted calmly, “I’m the Earth’s lifeline and a veteran who believes in regularity. I’d rather extend to serve many than lose my identity to human ingenuity, only to wither before time.”

Moumita Dutta

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